Sonos announces wifi boost product


If you’ve got a Sonos wireless music system, chances are you’ll both swear by it, but also worry about the wifi signal – especially if you live in a built up area. Which is presumably why Sonos has today announced the “Sonos Boost” signal booster.

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The Boost plugs directly into your router and will apparently amplify the wireless signal to your sonos system by “up to 50% greater range” – it comes with three internal antennas to minimalise signal interference, which might normally cause drop-outs.

This comes a couple of months after Sonos released a software update, removing the requirement for a wired bridge – in a sense, the Boost seems like a good replacement for the Sonos Bridge for difficult circumstances.

The Boost is available now for $99 in the States, and £79 in the UK.

Update (17:44): Added the UK price.

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