Real Time Video Conferencing with Smartphones

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With the increase in smartphone usage, employers can now make use of video conferencing to effectively increase correspondence with their employees. Business people are usually on the go, and no matter where they are, these smartphones are always with them. Coupled with cloud based video conferencing, smartphones can really transform the future for many organizations. This is because video conferencing allows users to join a meeting no matter where they are located in the world, even if they are remote. The technology is growing quickly, and it can really pave the way for revolution by giving a competitive edge to many companies worldwide.

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Smartphone Compatibility

There have been immense advances in the smartphone technology, and now they are becoming more and more compatible with the technologies related to video conferencing. The processors are now quicker and far more powerful, which means that smartphones are now being used as an alternative to laptops and desktop computers. The best part is that these smartphones can be used for video conferencing no matter where you are situated, simply because they are easy to carry around and are always with you. Blue Jeans Mobile Video Conferencing is highly compatible with any modern smartphone because of the fact that they use an optimized technology that fits perfectly well with mobile devices such as smartphones. The system is also future proof, which basically means that you will never have to upgrade to a later version, no matter how far the technology advances in later years.

Easy To Use

Video conferencing on smartphones is very easy to use, especially considering smartphone devices are small, can be taken along anywhere, and are extremely easy to carry. Video conferencing should always be a secure and easy experience, and should not at all be intimidating or tiring in anyway. Smartphone based video conferencing is especially becoming popular because of the fact that employees find it easier to connect with their company on a device that they use the most for checking their emails, texting, or making calls. Since they already use smartphones to such an extent, they can easily attend video conferences whenever the need arises.

Real Time Experience

With smartphones, you can have a real time experience of video conferencing, especially because you can take part in the video conferencing on the go, no matter where you are located. This also helps to increase the engagement and enthusiasm of your employees, especially the remote ones, and they will more likely be happier by feeling more connected to the company. The real time experience also gives a chance to the company and its employees to share their experiences with each other so as to get a better understanding of how each one feels about things that are happening around them. The companies can, therefore, get a better understanding of what their employees are looking for, how happy they are with the running of the business, and where they would like improvements to be made.

Rapid Accessibility

With the help of smartphones, the accessibility of video conferencing becomes even more rapid and instant. You do not have to wait for the perfect time or the perfect place to be involved in the meeting. With the convenience of smartphones, all you need is a moment’s notice, and you can instantly connect with your fellow colleagues. It also helps in situations where a meeting has to happen at once because something important has come up or there’s an emergency situation to deal with.


There is nothing complicated about using video conferencing on smartphones. The user interface is extremely flexible and intuitive, and if you require any kind of support, then you can simply get in touch with the support teams of your video conferencing service providers. They will be more than happy to help you out and can answer any of the questions that you might have. The support teams are also extremely easy to reach and highly reliable.

A successful future of any business relies on greater engagement of their employees so that they can be more productive. With the help of real time video conferencing with smartphones, you can ensure exactly that. It is especially important since the employees themselves want to feel more engaged and connected with the company. The more connected the employees will feel, the happier they will be and the more they will be willing to do for the company. Video conferencing has already created a big impact for many organizations, and with the help of smartphones, this impact is likely to be even greater. It also helps to increase face to face collaboration, despite being far away from each other.

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