Pebble smartwatch launches in the UK at last

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Can’t wait for an iWatch? Then why not pick up a Pebble? The smartwatch officially launches in the UK today.


Pebble was one of the first smartwatches to market in the US, the watch was an early hit for Kickstarter – and the watch marks itself out by using a Kindle-style e-ink display rather than a screen. The watch links up to your phone via bluetooth and will forward on notifications – as well as run apps designed for the watch. Somewhat uniquely, it works across both iOS and Android.

In tandem with the UK release Pebble has just released version 2.6 of the firmware – so when you fire it up for the first time you may be prompted to install a software update. The update is significant though: it adds the ability to run apps in the background, so for example you could use a Pebble app to track your run without having to have the app on screen.

When I tried out the Pebble a few months ago I instantly became a massive fan – in fact, I’m wearing one as I write this. What’s also cool is that even idiots can write apps for it.

So where to get one? O2 has announced it is the only UK network to list the wearable – though it will also be available at online retailer Firebox. In both cases, the standard Pebble model will be £99.99, and the Pebble Steel (which is functionally identical, but looks a bit classier) will be £179.99.

James O’Malley
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  • People in the UK have always been able to buy it. What do you mean by officially launches in the UK? Do you mean they keep inventory in the UK now so it’s local shipping (faster and no customs hassle)?

    • This is my understanding, yes. British retailers will have it in their warehouses.

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