Amazon Instant Video now available for all Android phones… but there’s a catch

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Amazon has finally launched its Netflix-style Instant Video service for all Android handsets… but if you want to install it on your phone, it isn’t going to be entirely straightforward.


So Amazon has a wide range of products: There’s Instant Video on the one hand – but there’s also stuff like Amazon’s own Kindle Fire tablets and even Amazon’s own app store on the other. Instant Video is obviously a hugely desirable thing: There’s no hard sell needed, because it is pretty clear to consumers that if they want to watch films for free, then they will need Instant Video to do it.

So how can Amazon use this to drive usage of its app store, which ultimately could be more lucrative as users buying apps through there will mean Amazon gets a slice of every transaction?

Cleverly, Amazon has decided that if you want to watch videos on your device, the choice is to either buy a Kindle Fire Tablet, OR to effectively turn your Samsung, HTC or other Android device into an Amazon one, by installing the Amazon app store.

The Amazon app store is now integrated direct into the Amazon Android app – and if you want to install Instant Video, you must first install the Amazon app from Google Play, before then installing the Instant Video app via Amazon’s own app store (where it is exclusively available). The thinking is clear: Amazon is hoping that when you install the video app, you will also decide that you prefer Amazon’s app store – and in future use that instead of Google.

Well played, Amazon.

James O’Malley
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  • The only way you could possibly prefer the Amazon app store over google play 1. Is if you have a Kindle Fire: whatever 2. You are blind, deaf and dumb. If Amazon had as many apps as googl then it would be clever but they don’t…

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