10 iPhone 6 accessories to make the most of your new phone

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[nextpage title=”Next”] So you’ve got an iPhone 6 – but how can you make the most of it? Here’s our pick of ten iPhone 6 accessories that can improve your smartphone experience.

1) Nova Bluetooth Flash


The iPhone 6 has the best camera we’ve seen on an iPhone 6 – at 13 megapixels it isn’t to be sniffed at… but snapping a photo with it still leaves you a long way from being a professional photography.

The Nova Bluetooth Flash helps bridge this divide a little: It’s a palm-sized array of 40 LEDs that will help you light your pictures better. There’s apparently a bank of 40 warm and cool LEDs behind a soft diffuser – which you can configure using the Nova app. There’s also four presets for if you’re less confident – including “gentle”, “warm”, “neutral” and “bright”, and an advanced mode for if you’re a pro.

Cleverly the flash is triggered using bluetooth from your phone – so it will light up perfectly in sync with your taking photos.

The Nova Bluetooth Flash retails at £49 from novaphotos.co.uk, and works on older iPhones too (running iOS7 and above) if you’ve not yet made the upgrade.

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2) Clickstick


You’ve probably seen tourists using something like the Clickstick. Designed to make selfies easier you can mount your phone on the stick (iPhone 6 is definitely supported, even if it is a different device in the photo) – then all you have to do is hold it out in front of you and click the button on the stick, and it’ll trigger a photo on your phone. (The way it appears to work is by using the “Volume Up” trick to trigger the shutter in the camera app).

It’s available from Menkind for £19.99 – so think of it as a twenty quid tax on avoiding the awkwardness of asking a stranger to take your photo.

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3) Vuzix M100 eyewear


Can’t wait for Google Glass to come down in price? Then the Vuzix M100 might be a nice stop-gap… though we can’t find any pricing details so don’t expect it to be too cheap. Taking its cues from Glass, the M100 is a headset that has a “virtual display”, integrated camera and can run specially designed apps on its own. It can also hook up to your phone and work as a bluetooth headset and headphones.

The only drawback really is that you’ll have to feel like a glasshole.

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4) Umbra Skyline Desk Organiser


Now the most glamorous accessory but it could be useful: A desk tidy that has been specifically designed with a space for your phone – so you’ll be able see notifications whilst working, without having to put down your pencil.

It’s also lightly city themed – notice how the tubes look a bit like skyscrapers. And it’s only £9.90 from Red Candy.

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5) ASDA Photo Case


Top marks to ASDA for getting on this fast. For a while you’ve been able to print custom phone cases with your photos on – and the ASDA website already supports iPhone 6 cases. Simply upload your photo, sort out the positioning and hit buy – and £15 later you can have your very own personal phone case.

You can design your own here.

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6) Cat Case


If you need an iPhone 6 case that is slightly more heavy duty, then look no further than this one made by digger-manufacturers CAT. the case is made from “SAIF” – which is “an active material with unique shock and impact absorption properties so protective that you can drop your mobile from up to 1.8 meters without it being smashed”. Prices start at £24.99.

7) Nuevue Anti-Bacterial Case


Now a case for the completely paranoid. If you’re worried about germs and death lurking on every surface, then you might like this case from Nuevue, which is what the company claims is the world’s first antimicrobial smartphone case.

Nuevue, creators of the world’s first antimicrobial smartphone case, have recently released their IPhone 6 range of products.

“The protective cases are designed to eliminate germs, smears and fingerprints from the smartphones’ big screens as well as offer anti-static and shock resistant protection from accidental damage. The cases’ antibacterial protection harnesses the BioCote® technology typically used in healthcare environments such as world’s leading hospitals and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria”

The cases are available through Nuevue directly with prices starting from £29 depending on material.

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8) STK Accessories Stand Case


This case from STK might be useful if you watch a lot of video on your phone. Now when you get on the train you can pull down the tray table, position your phone and lie back with your hands free to pick your nose, or whatever else you might want to do on a long journey.

Unfortunately no pricing seem to be available.

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9) STK Accessories Car Charger


If you’re a car person then this could come in useful – a 12V car socket to Lightning adapter. Always useful in a world where phone battery barely lasts a day.

Again, sadly, no pricing details seem to be available.

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10) ThumbsUp Boombox Speaker


Finally here’s a nice bluetooth speaker that will work with your iPhone 6. For only £24.99, the ThumbsUp Boombox will connect to your phone and blast out tracks from the 3W speaker. Charge should last for 4-5 hours and it charges over MicroUSB, so you’ll always be able to liven up the party.

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