Yahoo dump… umm, Yahoo

Web 2.0, Websites

Yahoo has announced that it is to “sunset” (shutdown) three more of its services including, most intriguingly, Yahoo itself.


When Yahoo launched a couple of decades ago it was designed to be a “directory” of websites – an early search engine in the days before everyone used Google. Now though, clearly realising that the company can’t compete with Google’s algorithms, “Directory” is getting the boot. The Yahoo brand isn’t going to go anywhere though – it hasn’t been exclusively a directory is nearly as long.

The other services announced to get canned alongside it include Yahoo Education (we’ve never used it either) and video app Qwiki, which Yahoo bought in 2013. Apparently the Qwiki team will be working on “new digital media experiences”.

Directory is due to retire on December 31st – so if you need to manually parse through a list of websites in order to find a link to Hamster Dance or whatever else it was we did in the 90s, you’d better do it fast.

James O’Malley
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