Sandisk announces 512GB SD memory card

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Flash memory card maker SanDisk has created history with an SD card which can hold 512GB of data – the largest capacity ever released.


The SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I card, which is the size of a postage stamp, has a higher capacity than many standard PC hard drives.

The card could potentially hold around 30 hours of high-definition video, and will go on sale for $800 (£490).

SanDisk says that the Extreme Pro card can write at the speed of 90MBs and can read at the speed of 95MBs.

It says the card is aimed at hard-core photographers and videographers who struggles to cope with memory problems while capturing raw photos and videos.

SanDisk introduced its first SD memory card in 2004, with a capacity of a mere 512MB. Experts believe that SD cards could eventually hold up to 2TB of data.

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