Minecraft coming to Xbox One on Friday


Good news for Minecraft players – the game will be landing on the Xbox One on Friday, Microsoft has announced.


It seems Microsoft may have beaten Sony to it. The Xbox One edition of the game will set new players back £15.99, though Xbox 360 players can upgrade for only £3.99.

As you might imagine – there isn’t anything hugely new. The graphics are still rather blockey… (Why change was isn’t broken?). The one bonus for One players though is that maps can now be 36 times larger than on the 360 thanks to the new console’s extra processing power.

Brilliantly, as we already knew, it will also be possible to transfer your 360 creations across to Xbox One (though not vice-versa, presumably), and the game will support four player split screen for when there’s a lot of building to be done.

James O’Malley
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