Last minute iPhone 6 rumours: Will it go on sale on September 19th?


We’re only hours a way from closing the book on a major chapter of tech history: After 7pm tonight, it won’t be possible to post any more iPhone 6 rumours, because Apple is going to give the game away by actually telling us about it. So here’s one last one – just for old times.

Pic from iMore
Pic from iMore

According to IT Pro Portal the new phone will indeed go on sale on September 19th after its announcement tonight… and this will include the larger 5.5″ phablet version of the phone, which was rumoured to be facing delays of up to a month because of production issues. However, perhaps owing to that – it will be available in lower quantities.

If this is true – that would mean that we’re not going to have to wait until mid-October for both models, as we feared – though sadly it means we won’t be heading down to the Apple store tomorrow morning to pick one up.

I guess we’ll find out later this evening.

James O’Malley
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