Is Bono about to make the iPhone 6 really lame?


Horrifying news this morning as rumours are suggesting that the iPhone 6 might come pre-loaded with U2’s new album. That’s right: You won’t have a choice, you will be buying dad rock this autumn.


According to MacRumours, it is the U2 fans that spotted this – with U2 apparently shooting a music video in Dublin featuring the new phone too. I know what you’re thinking: How rebelliously rock and roll.

Worse still, there is speculation that U2 will be the musical guests wheeled out at the end of the official iPhone 6 announcement event on Tuesday.

As MacRumours notes, Apple and U2 have a long depressing history of complicity: Not only were Bono and Steve Jobs apparently friends, but Apple has previously released “(RED)” iPods in support of Bono’s charity. Could we be seeing a (RED) iPhone 6 on Tuesday?

Get those mute buttons ready.

James O’Malley
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