Google adds two hour app refund facility


Ever bought an app you later regret? There’s now a refund facilities – for when you didn’t really need that game stupid after all.


According to MobileBurn, you can now get refunds on apps and games for up to two hours after purchase. For fairly obvious reasons this doesn’t extend to other media like films.

Apparently the move has been made in response to regulatory pressure: The regulators think that you should be able to return stuff you decide you don’t want. Intriguingly – apparently Google used to offer up to 24 hours, before quietly reducing it to a paltry 15 minutes.

In order to uninstall and an app and get a refund, in the Google Play app just hit “My Apps” to see apps you have install, find the app and hit refund. You can also do it in the settings section of the Google Play website.

James O’Malley
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