First Android apps arrive on Chromebooks

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Back in June at Google’s IO conference, the company made a surprising announcement: Soon it will be possible to run Android apps on Chromebooks – Google’s cheapo laptops that run Chrome OS. The day has finally come.


The company has added four popular Android apps to the Chrome store: Duolingo, Evernote, Vine and Kids Sight Words (we’ve not heard of that one either).

The four apps today form part of a beta test of the technology – and Google is asking for submissions on what apps users would like to see next. The app pictured above, Flipboard, was shown off at Google IO but isn’t one of the apps available yet.

Disappointingly, it doesn’t appear that simply the Android app store has been plugged into Chrome – The Register reports that apps need specific modifications to be made in order to play ball. So whilst the number of Android apps will no-doubt increase, Chromebook users may not suddenly get access to the millions of existing Google Play apps.

James O’Malley
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