Duck Hunt Dog added to Smash Bros 3DS


Do you ever get the feeling that Nintendo is running out of characters to feature?


Nintendo’s latest Smash Bros fighter hits the 3DS in Japan tomorrow, and a handful of Twitch players have already managed to get their hands on copies of the game. It turns out that despite the endless announcements of increasingly tenuous new characters, including such memorable “characters” as “Wii Fit Trainer”, Nintendo wasn’t done yet.

Unannounced characters spotted in the game include the Dog from Duck Hunt on the NES. Yep – the ancient light gun shooter had a dog character in it. And now you can, umm, take part in dog fighting in the new game.

Other newly confirmed characters include the marginally more credible Ness and Falco, returning from the previous game, as well as Dark Pitt from Kid Icarus.

Hopefully Nintendo will add that annoying owl from Ocarina of Time as a playable character in DLC.

James O’Malley


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