4K Blu-Ray discs on sale by Christmas?

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We’re starting to see loads of 4K TVs… and it looks like we might finally have something to watch on them. The Blu-Ray Disc Association reckons the first 4K BRs will be available the end of the year.


TechRadar spoke to Victor Matsuda, who apparently confirmed that that the association will have the official specs nailed down Q3 next year – but we should expect to see discs and players arriving before then.

This will be good news for consumers as until now the only way of watching 4K content has been online – which is problematic if you have a slow connection. Plus we’ll have yet another opportunity to buy all of our favourite films again on a new format in even higher quality.

It’ll be interesting too to see if 4K Blu-Rays will be playable on existing hardware, or will form a brand new de-facto hardware generation. The PS4 and Xbox One, for example, both have a Blu-Ray drive and apparently have hardware capable of outputting 4K video (though it would probably require a software update) – but whether it would need a new hardware chip to decode the 4K video on disc remains to be seen.

James O’Malley
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