ZipCall claims to offer completely free calls to US and Canada from the UK

Mobile phones

A new service has launched offering free calls to the US and Canada that will even work over mobile.


ZipCall sounds pretty simple: You dial the UK-based 03 number, then whilst on the call you dial the US or Canadian number you’re looking for, and it’ll connect you for free – easy. As its a UK-based 03 number, the cost of the (UK-based) call can come out of the free minutes in your mobile contract.

It all sounds rather impressive. Surely there must be a catch?

As far as I can tell… there isn’t one… yet. The service only launches officially today, which means that the company is brand new (it only has 7 followers on Twitter – yes, 7). This also suggests the company hasn’t got a business model sorted yet – presumably it will try to accrue as many users as possible quickly by offering a free service with no catches, before later introducing adverts/a premium service/something like that. So make use of it whilst you can!

James O’Malley
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