The Legend of Zelda gets a Monopoly game


We’ve seen many board games – including Monopoly – become video games over the years, but it’s rare to see it go the other way.


Monopoly has been around for a while now. It was invented by American Charles Darrow in 1933, and the board was based on Atlantic City, New Jersey – although the London version is probably better known.

Now a special Legend of Zelda edition from publisher USAopoly will be released on September 15 in the US.

The package includes a standard Monopoly board altered to include locations and characters from the Zelda franchise.

The Triforce, Bow, Hookshot, Boomerang and Hylian Shield have replaced the game’s standard tokens, and the Monopoly money has been converted to rupees as well.

All of the houses are named Deku Sprouts, while the hotels are Deku Trees.

The Chance cards are called Empty Bottle, while the Community Cards have been renamed the Treasure Chest.

The US game’s original prime properties, Boardwalk and Park Place (or Mayfair and Park Lane in the UK version), are appropriately replaced with the Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle.

The railroads are replaced with modes of transportation from different Zelda games such as Link’s horse Epona, his boat in Wind Waker, or the Spirit Train from Spirit Tracks.

North American retailer GameStop lists the game at $39.99, but there is no word yet on an international release.

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