Savvy Microsoft wins Redditors hearts with… Reddit


Reddit is probably the biggest community and discussion site on the internet – and is packed with the most hardcore of hardcore gamers. So what was poor old Microsoft to do to persuade them that the Xbox One, which doesn’t enjoy the rest reputation there, isn’t all that bad? Turns out, give them Reddit.


Xbox’s Larry Hryb, who is arguably better known as “Major Nelson”, has announced a new app for Xbox One called “ReddX” which lets users browse Reddit through a custom interface. Cleverly it has integrated all of the major features, including upvoting and the ability to view images, galleries and videos natively through the app. There’s even functionality to pause and rewind animated GIFs. You can also login with your Reddit account and access all of your custom stuff.

The app also works with all of the usual Xbox One bells and whistles: you can snap it whilst playing a game and browse simultaneously, and you can use voice commands to navigate. You can even post comments using SmartGlass.

Amusingly too, Xbox gamers can even earn achievements for using the app: Microsoft has added a bunch themed around some of Reddit’s most famous memes, but with Hryb instead of the usual characters.

The reaction from the Reddit community, which was extraordinarily hostile during the Xbox One’s launch period, is predictably favourable. “Xbox One you just won my heart” is one of the top voted comments with other users saying “This is actually pretty freaking amazing” and even “Console war over”.

There’s no word on when the app will arrive in the UK, as it appears to be US and Canada only for the time being – but we’d expect it to arrive shortly. We look forward to browsing /r/PS4/ on it.

Well played, Microsoft.

James O’Malley
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