Pope calls smartphones “futile”; takes up residence in a glass house

Mobile phones

Pope Francis has been casting the first stone, at least according to the Daily Mail.


The, umm, newspaper of record quotes Frankie as saying young people “waste too many hours on futile things” and that it distracts them from “what is really important”, with the Mail saying he “added that futile activities include chatting on the internet and smartphones, and watching TV soap operas”.

Now you know we’re obviously going to defend modern technology, but the Pope is a man who spends his days cosplaying in a fantasy LARP. At least when we wave our arms in the air trying to send messages there’s a chance that we’ll actually receive at least a “Yo” back.

What makes the comments even more bizarre is that the Pope himself is a prolific user of social media. His English language Twitter account, @Pontifex has over four million followers, though his Holiness doesn’t seem to know how to use Twitter properly: He never engages with others, merely posts platitudes – and only follows 8 versions of himself in different languages. He doesn’t even follow Stephen Fry.

How about retweeting @BBCBreaking or sending a passive aggressive “.@mention” sometime? Y’know, using the medium properly.

Presume Pope Francis would rather that instead of Facebooking, we spend our time Goodbooking, look up passages like Matthew 6:1, which you’d think he might take notice of a little more before acting all Holier-than-thou:

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.”

James O’Malley
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