Perhaps this is why they make you switch your devices off when going on a plane?


Terrifying news from the New York Post, where it has emerged that a passenger plane dropped 5000 feet without anyone realising – because the pilot was distracted by her iPad.


The Boeing 777 flight, which was flying from Mumbai to Brussels apparently dropped from the 34,000ft it had been assigned. Luckily air traffic control spotted the blunder, and alerted the crew, who were then able to sort things out – and the flight landed safely.

As you might imagine, a massive investigation is now taking place to try and figure out exactly what happened, and there are rumours that the pilot may also have fallen asleep.

So let this by a lesson to you next time the cabin crew tell you to switch off all of your gadgets: Make sure you do as they say… especially if you’re the pilot. I just hope she wasn’t playing this plane-based Flappy Bird knock-off.

James O’Malley
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