Now Twitter can make you paranoid about flooding

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A new website has launched that lets you browse through over 2000 river gauges that are connected to the internet – so you know how much to worry about flooding.


Isn’t the Internet of Things great? Now we can get near real time river data on loads of places – and GaugeMap will put it into context, flagging up whether the current water level is above or below typical level, and whether it is at risk of flooding.

The website has been made by possible by the launch of the Environment Agency’s APIs – which lets developers access the underlying data, so they can do with it whatever they like.

GaugeMap has also given all of the individual gauges an individual Twitter account, so you can pick out the one closest to your house and worry every time it reports a slightly higher river level. Brilliant.

You can check it out here.

James O’Malley
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