LightFreq wifi lightbulb with built in speaker smashes Kickstarter goal

Gadgets, Internet Of Things

A crazy new wifi lightbulb called LightFreq has smashed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 by raising (at time of writing) over $84,000 – with over 23 days to go.


LightFreq calls itself “the lovechild of Phillips Hue and Jambox Boom”, and is certainly an unusual combination of technologies. First and foremost it is a lightbulb – albeit on that connects to your wifi and lets you control it with your phone, but on top of that it is also a bluetooth speaker so you can play music through your whole house.

What’s quite cool is the features layered on top of this tech: If you have LightFreq throughout your house you can use bluetooth to have the lights automatically switch on in the room you’re in when you enter it (you can have music follow you too). There’s also mood-based lighting, with the colour changing depending on the song, and you can even have the bulbs change colour when you get certain notifications on your phone (eg: when you get a call the lights could go red).


There’s even intercom functionality, where you can shout at people in other rooms through your phone. Brilliant.

There’s more details on the Kickstarter page and apparently it expected to ship in February next year – with it costing $70 for a single bulb. We look forward to giving it a try.

James O’Malley
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