Jawbone shows how people were affected by San Francisco earthquake

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Over the weekend San Francisco was hit by a major earthquake. The South Napa quake was apparently the strongest to hit Northern California in 25 years – and what’s amazing is that thanks to wearable technology, we’re able to see exactly how people felt it.


In a blog post on the Jawbone site, the company posted a chart showing how 93% of Jawbone UP wearers in four of the largest hit cities were woken up by the quake at 3:20am local time, and slightly further afield more than half still woke up.

What’s super impressive too is that Jawbone were even able to report that 45% of wearers within 15 miles of the quake’s epicentre remained awake for the rest of the night.

It’s a really interesting side-effect of the fact that loads of us wear fitness monitors now that we’re able to get data like this – I wonder if scientists could use it to better understand how earthquakes affect people?

James O’Malley
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