Help this Kickstarter to build a MASSIVE ROBOT that can JUGGLE CARS

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Do you dare to dream? Do you want to make the world a better place? Then it is your duty to get behind this noble campaign to build a massive car-juggling robot.


A Kickstarter launched earlier this month to build the “Bug Juggler” – a robot that will literally pick up full size cars and juggle them. Watch this simulation of what the future could look like:

Why? We’ve no idea. How? Using hydraulic pressure to enable fluid movements, and to enable the robot to perfectly mimic the person controlling it. When? Well, this is just the problem. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter has only raised a disappointing $460 of the $50,000 it needs just to build a human-scale prototype.

Here’s an example of how the robot arms will work:

It is clearly very early days for the project – which eventually envisages the Bug Juggler putting in appearances at Monster Truck shows and the like. There’s plenty of investment and sponsorship opportunities too.

C’mon internet – we have to make this happen. If not for us, but for future generations. Do we want to be the generation that saw the end of the Space Shuttle and Concorde? Or do we want to be the generation that BUILD A MASSIVE ROBOT THAT CAN JUGGLE CARS?

James O’Malley
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