Feminist Frequency shines another depressing light on the videogames industry


Last night the latest episode of Anita Saarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency series was posted. Spoiler alert: It’ll make you despair for the industry you love.

The series looks at the portrayal of women in videogames – and in the latest episode focuses on the role of women characters as “background decoration”. As someone who loves videogames, it is a particularly distressing to see the games we know and love exposed as problematic: Whilst games taken individually might seem fine, the cumulative effect really does point towards the fact that something must be done.

Watch it on the player above, then despair.

James O’Malley
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  • i do despair, about the stupid idiots that take her word and blatant examples out of context seriously.
    you are a moron as is anyone who wont even question her stupidity.

    • oh it’s a little boy gamer. Please explain what examples were so out of context? Which example (of hundreds) of women being killed, used, objectified, etc were out of context? There isn’t incentive to do violence towards women (esp. sexualized ones) in some of these games? Please. Her work has been praised by far too many- academics and media- to be dismissed by a baseless anonymous commenter. Or better yet, please talk to us about men’s rights? I don’t take her word, I take the hundreds of primary examples she uses. Learn to think and start by loosening up that fedora.

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