DayZ coming to PS4


Details are scant but Sony has revealed that the ultimate survival game, DayZ will be coming to the PS4.


Unfortunately, that’s pretty much everything we know at this point. The developer has announced no release date, no details or pretty much anything other than it will be getting a graphical upgrade – but it will be coming at some point.

The game started life as a fan-made mod of PC shooter Arma 2, but more recently has been developed as a standalone PC game. What sets it apart from the billions of other zombie games out there is that it is, umm, realistic: If you die, you lose all of your stuff – upping the tension as players on the Massively Multiplayer Map compete to survive.

It is also notorious for sadistic behaviour – like the below video (well worth four minutes of your time).

Here’s PBS’s analysis of why people behave like this:

We hope to have more details soon.

James O’Malley
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