Who needs a Wii? Using Chromecast for motion-control gaming

Android, Gaming

Rolocule Games has come up with a clever motion-controlled tennis game for Android, that uses Google’s recently announced Android mirroring function for Chromecast to recreate the Wii Tennis experience.


Check out the video below – its very clever. Essentially, because the Chromecast is still a low-powered device, all of the processing for the game still takes place on the phone, but because when you mirror you don’t have to actually look at the screen it means you’re free to wave it around haphazardly in front of your TV.

The game is still in the testing phase but when its done it will also work with the similar Miracast standard, that should bring support to other streaming devices (such as Smart TVs).

Just be careful not to smash your expensive TV and expensive phone at the same time.

James O’Malley
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