PS4 and WiiU both get system updates


Both Sony and Nintendo are preparing their latest system updates for their consoles – which both should hopefully bring some interesting new features.


On the WiiU side, version 5.1 of the WiiU operating system is now available. The big addition this time is apparently a data transfer function, enabling you to transfer all of the data from one WiiU to another. However, the function will only let you transfer everything or nothing. You can’t transfer individual Nintendo IDs or pieces of content across.

There has also been changes to the WiiU shop, which can now be navigated with the Wii remote, pro-controller or classic controller. And of course, the usual unspecified “bug fixes”.

On the PS4 side, things are more speculative. In a tweet Sony said that it “improves stability”:

Speculation is though that we might hopefully see some of the features we’ve been expecting for some time, including the ability to jump into a friend’s game from their video stream. We’ll let you know when we hear anything.

This update comes as Microsoft announced a system update of its own for Xbox One at the end of last week.

James O’Malley
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