GTA Online to get a Casino and Lottery?


As if Los Santos wasn’t already a hotbed of crime, corruption and inequality, things could be about to get worse. Rumour has it that a future update to Grand Theft Auto Online could include a casino and a lottery, to give you a whole new way to waste your money.


It was only days ago that we received the Independence Day update, which added some bombastic icons of Americana to the game – but already hackers who have been going through the code with a fine toothcomb have spotted indications of what could be in store in the future.

A hacker calling himself “ST3V3HACKER”, who has become well known in the GTAO community for the previous secrets he has unearthed has uncovered code that describes lottery tickets, and how many lottery tickets the play has bought. This follows previous similar code that has described code for a roulette wheel.

So could we soon see a suite of casino mini games? Or what about a casino heist? The former seems like a dead cert given the perfect thematic fit for the game and the latter… well, we’d like any heist at the moment.

James O’Malley
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