"Automotive Grade" Linux for cars announced

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The Linux Foundation, the non-profit organisation that is in charge of the open source Linux operating system has announced a variation on the OS designed specifically for use in cars.


A few weeks ago Google revealed Android Auto, its attempt at coming up with a viable operating system for use on the road – and it has signed up a whole bunch of car companies to boot. (Android itself is based on Linux, but is heavily modified by Google). But what if you don’t want your car to be another tentacle in Google’s all-consuming system?


The answer may lie in Automotive Grade Linux, a truly open attempt at proving cars with an alternative. Interestingly for development nerds, it is apparently built on top of Samsung’s Tizen operating system, with apps built in HTML5 and Javascript rather than anything more complex.


So far apparently AGL already has the following:

  • Home Screen
  • Dashboard
  • Google Maps
  • HVAC
  • Media Playback
  • News Reader (AppCarousel)
  • Audio Controls
  • Bluetooth Phone
  • Smart Device Link Integration


And check out the screenshots – it looks pretty slick so far. Very different from the plain blocks favoured by the likes of Google.


Of course, actually getting such a system is going to be more challenging. It is currently unclear if any carmakers will be adopting AGL built into their cars… so good luck if you want to install it yourself.


James O’Malley
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