Android Wear gets a web browser


Android Wear has only been available for a few weeks now but already coders are hard at work creating apps that work on the smartwatch platform. As far as we’re aware, this is the first attempt at creating a web browser.


And yes, it really works – check out the video below, where the creator uses the tiny screen to load up a web page and scroll through it, even being able to press on links. Apparently it even supports pinch zoom, HTTPS and will read your bookmarks from your phone. Cleverly too, you’re apparently able to send links to your watch through Android’s “Share” function.

What is fairly clear though is that the app is pretty much a proof of concept rather than designed for serious web browsing. So if you download it from Google Play it’ll probably run rather slowly. But hey – its the only way you can get a web browser on your wrist, unless you’re going to get a biro and draw some cats all over your arms.

James O’Malley
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