YouTube gets 60fps support and launches "Creators Studio" app

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Good news for hardcore gamers and those who like slightly-too-slick motion in videos: YouTube has announced plans to support video at 60 frames per second.


The company, owned by Google is currently at Vidcon in Anaheim, and has announced a bunch of new features aimed a video creators. Perhaps the most relevant thing for us humble viewers is the addition of 60fps support:

If you can’t quite imagine, check out this video of Battlefield: Hardline that works at 60fps. I recommend going fullscreen and cranking it up to 1080p. If you remember the controversy over the 48fps release of The Hobbit a couple of years ago this will seem familiar: Notice how the motion appears a bit more fluid – and in a way, it appears slightly less… real (even though it is arguably more real, because we’ve all been trained since birth to get used to 30fps).

The real benefit from 60fps should be to gamers though (I guess that’s why they chose videogame footage): being able to run at 1080p at 60fps is the new gold standard for graphics in games, and the lack of 60fps support is the new perennial moan amongst the hardcore.

This isn’t the only addition to YouTube. The company has also launched a new “Creators Studio” app for Android and iOS (the latter is still pending with the gods of Apple). This enables creators to get access to their analytics data, latest comments and so on via mobile.

On desktop too, tools for creators have been given a refresh. For example, the company has launched a music and sound effects library for creators to use in their videos.

So who needs real TV anyway? (You have subscribed to the TechDigest & ShinyShiny YouTube channel, right?)

James O’Malley
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