The PS4 (and PS3!) can now pre-load games


Good news for PS4 owners – you can now “pre-load” games. This is when you can download a game to your console ahead of release – and so it will be able to play the second midnight strikes on the day of release.


The ability to pre-load starts with games pre-ordered on or before May 20th – with the new Transformers game “Rise of the Dark Spark” due to be the first title supported. This is actually earlier than expected – we were previously under the impression that Destiny (due in the Autumn) would be the first title to support it. It appears our expectations have been… pre-loaded… (c’mon, that sort of works).

The feature will only work on titles bought digitally on the Playstation store – and other forthcoming titles to support pre-loading will include Battlefield: Hardline, Far Cry 4, CoD: Advanced Warfare and The Order: 1886.

Meanwhile over in Xbox country we’ve no official confirmation of when pre-loading will happen, but Microsoft has expressed a desire to implement it.

James O’Malley
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