Spotify launches football website… for some reason


We’re now only days away from the start of the World Cup every brand under the sun is trying to tenuously link itself to the tournament – and Spotify is no exception, having launched a World Cup-themed website.

spotifythumb.pngVisitors to “Spotify <3 Football" are given the opportunity to download playlists that have a tenuous link to men kicking a ball about.

For example, you can download individual country-themed playlists. Yes, the England one does feature Three Lions.

There’s also more generalised playlists, around themes such as “The World’s Game” or “The Losers Party”, the latter of which appears to have been filled by searching for songs with vaguely related names, like “Team” by Lorde, or “Loser” by Beck.

And there’s even an official FIFA playlist, containing a number of “official” World Cup “anthems”, and the official Coca-Cola song (this is apparently a thing now).

Finally there’s a bunch of playlists selected by celebrities with a tenuous link to the Cup – including the all powerful Shakira, who has modestly picked one of her own tracks as one of the songs.

James O’Malley
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