Samsung Galaxy S5 sales lag behind iPhone 5S and 5C in the UK


Despite much speculation and a launch with a bang back in May, Korean tech giant Samsung failed to see its Galaxy S5 out-sell Apple’s iPhone.


According to The Telegraph, during the launch month the Galaxy S5 was pushed into third place, with Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C taking the crown despite having been available for nine months already.

Back in May, the iPhone 5S and 5C accounted for 11 and 11.1 per cent of UK smartphone sales, while the Galaxy S5 took 9 per cent and its predecessor, the S4, taking 7.4 per cent.

It is perhaps tricky to read too much into what the figures mean: not only does Samsung have a hugely fragmented range of Android phones, so users may opt for a design that better suits their needs, but competition is tough too, with both HTC and Sony putting out strong handsets around the same time, with the One M8 and Xperia Z2 respectively.

What is interesting, however, is that over half of those who bought the handset throughout Europe were previous Samsung owners, with 17 per cent switching from iOS.

While Apple’s iPhone range still appears to be doing well, Android is Europe’s operating system of choice, with it taking a 73.3 per cent market share – iOS at 16.6 per cent.

Nicholas Fearn
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