iPhone 6 rumour du-jour: NFC and wireless charging?

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Forget about E3 for a moment and feast your eyes on this photo – which is purported to be the cases of both forthcoming iPhone 6 models.


The photos, which were found by 9to5Mac are consistent with persistent rumours about the new phone having two different form factors: one small 4.6″ screen and a larger “phablet” 5.5″ model. If these are real then… well, they’re going to look very similar to the 5S. At risk of judging a grainy #nomakeupselfie of the phone – we’re not sure about the width of the bezel around the edge of the screen…

The other big rumours are courtesy of VentureBeat, which reckons that Apple will be including NFC in the new phones – which would bring them up to speed with the top-end Android models, which have sported NFC for years now. This is said to go hand-in-hand with discussions between the company and retailers – as NFC could conceivably be used to handle payments in shops.

Finally – there’s talk of wireless charging being included. Again, this is something already seen in many of the top Android phones (such as the Galaxy S5 and Nexus 5), but Apple are yet to get on board. Here’s hoping if they do go for it then the iPhone 6 will work with one of the two existing wireless charging standards rather than create their own annoying proprietary one.

Despite having reported on rumours for months the iPhone 6 still doesn’t officially exist – with an official unveiling expected later this year.

James O’Malley
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