Foxconn recruiting 100,000 more people to build iPhone 6


How many people does it take to build the iPhone 6? For Foxconn, the Chinese company that will be manufacturing most of the units it seems that they need an extra 100,000 people. Crazy.


Every time you hear statistics about China, it sounds crazy: the number of power stations being built every week, or how many roads are built every year, for example. So should we be surprised that Foxconn want to take on 100,000 extra people for the iPhone 6?

The sort of job creation that would make any British politician wet themselves with excitement (and perhaps worry a little about a forthcoming coup d’etat), according to 9to5Mac, the extra people are thought to be needed to meet demand for the forthcoming handset. It’s a nice reminder that the stuff we take for granted isn’t just made by robots, but involves a lot of other people on the production line.

The company already employs over a million people worldwide (the reported figures vary depending on source) and is responsible for manufacturing devices from a wide range of companies, including PS4, Xbox One, and the existing iPhone models. Here’s hoping that the company treats them nicely.

James O’Malley
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