Apple rumours: iPhone 6 to have 128GB storage? New iPod Touch? (UPDATE: New iPod Touch confirmed!)


Your iPhone 6 rumour du jour: Apparently the iPhone 6 could have 128GB storage – up from a maximum of 64GB in previous models. Plus separate rumours suggest a newer, cheaper, iPod Touch is on the way.


First up there’s the Chinese website Fang (by a way of Tech Radar) which reports that Apple is considering offering 128GB of storage in the iPhone 6. Apparently this could only be destined for the rumoured larger 5.5″ phablet model – either to make it seem like a more premium device, or simply due to size constraints.

As TR notes, this would be a step-up for phones which after steadily increasing storage for a number of years seemed to plateau at 64GB as an upper limit.

Separately, there are also rumours (reported by MacRumours, appropriately) of a forthcoming iPod Touch refresh. Apparently the new versions won’t be a huge departure from the existing line (which share similarities with the iPhone 5), but will feature a rear camera and only 16GB of storage – that’s less than the current model. But it should come at the cheaper price of $199 (about £120).

We’ll let you know if we hear any more.

Update (13:31): Well that was quick! Apple has now confirmed the news about the new iPod Touch. Though is obviously still keeping schtum about iPhone 6!

James O’Malley
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