WATCH: Twitch gamers get their hands on Watch Dogs


Today’s the day! Watch Dogs has hit the shelves for the biggest game launch of the year so far. But how does it actually play?


Thanks to the power of Twitch, if you haven’t managed to get your hands on a copy yet, or if you’re stuck at work watching the clock until 5 o’clock rolls around… why not whet your appetite by watching a live stream?

Twitcher DansGaming is currently streaming the game – and 6000 people are watching – you can watch in the player below.

Watch live video from DansGaming on

(Please note: there’s inevitably going to be gigantic spoilers in this, and as it is a live stream from someone else, we’re not responsible for the content. If he takes his clothes off or something, thats his fault, not ours!)

James O’Malley
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