Review: ThumpsUp Splash Speaker


Going on holiday and want to sit by the pool listening to some tunes? Or perhaps you just want to sing in the shower. Either way, there’s a problem: How can you listen to music without ruining your phone? This is where the ThumbsUp Splash Speaker comes in – a portable Bluetooth speaker that is splash-proof.



The Splash Speaker is small, square and sports a thick rubber trim that is similar to a tyre – making it nicely ruggedised for use outside. While Johnny Ive might take issue with it, it gets the job done.


The common misconception with any ‘splash-proof’ product is that it means the device will survive a thorough dunking in the water. In reality, splash-proof only means the device can face a sprinkling, not a deluge. Based on this, the Splash Speaker is going to be fine under the tap and shower head but won’t be able to cope being chucked into a swimming pool.


Setting up the Splash Speaker with a Bluetooth-enabled device couldn’t be any easier. Simply turn it on via the power button and connect to it via the bluetooth settings on your device. The built-in battery can be charged via Micro-USB. The charging port can be accessed under a rubber flap, and there’s an additional aux port for plugging devices in directly too.


Sound quality

A good speaker is known by the sound it produces. Here, the situation is surprisingly impressive, considering the size. The 3W speaker performs well and provides you with clear and crisp sound and a deep bass. Not bad at all.


It’s safe to say that ThumbsUp has done a great job with the Splash Speaker. It does exactly what it says on the tin and produces great sound. So clearly, we can give ‘ThumbsUp’ a massive and well-deserved thumbs up.

Nicholas Fearn
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