Samsung dump Android on original Galaxy Gear smartwatch

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Not even Kevin Bacon could save the original Samsung Galaxy Gear. Widely criticised for being “crap”, Samsung has today breathed new life into the device: by changing the operating system entirely.


If you’re one of the few people who picked up the original then check for a software update – the update that has just been pushed out junks Android entirely, and instead replaces it with Samsung’s own “Tizen” OS, which is thinks is better tailored to the smartwatch.

It’s the same OS as seen on the recently launched Gear 2 range – so brings the older watch up to speed – including new sleep measuring modes, exercise tracking and a new music player. In other words, everything the Gear 2 can do, sans anything you need special hardware for (so no heartrate monitoring).

Samsung has helpfully made a video showing off the changes:

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