Is GTA: Los Santos City Stories coming soon?


Intriguing news from… the US Patent and Trademark Office, would you believe. It has emerged that Rockstar, the company behind Grand Theft Auto, have trademarked the name “City Stories”. What could it mean?


CVG spotted the filing – but we don’t really know what it is in reference to yet. There are a number of different possibilities.

The most obvious suggestion is that Rockstar are planning another GTA spin-off game in the mould of the previous generation’s Liberty City Stories, which was initially released on the handheld PSP, but later found its way to home consoles. Could we be seeing a Los Santos City Stories coming soon too? What format it would be on remains to be seen: could Los Santos be squeezed down to work on a handheld?

Another possibility is that it is linked to forthcoming GTA5 single player DLC. Whilst updates to the game since launch have focused on GTA Online, there are still plans to expand single payer mode.

If the DLC is anything like we’ve seen on GTA4, it will not necessarily focus on the same characters. In GTA4, DLC took the focus away from Niko and instead told the story of The Lost motorcycle gang and nightclub owner Gay Tony.

Whatever’s happening though the news is clear: there might be more GTA on the way – and that can only be a good thing.

James O’Malley
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