iPhone 6 rumour du jour: A larger screen resolution?


Like clockwork, another iPhone 6 rumour has arrived courtesy of 9to5Mac, who have written a super detailed post on the expected changes to the iPhone 6 screen. But here’s the short version.


So we know by now that the iPhone 6 will probably be coming in two different sizes – thought to be 4.6″ and a larger, phablet 5.4″ version… but what of the screen? Will it run at the same resolution as the iPhone 5S and just have larger icons, or will that increase too?

Apparently Apple are testing the latter – a larger resolution of 1704×960 – which means more pixels than the existing 1136×640. The reason for the change is that if they were just to increase the screen size and not the resolution, the iPhone 6 would fall under the qualification criteria for claiming the screen is a “retina” high resolution display (which Steve Jobs set at 300dpi with the launch of the iPhone 4).

The speculation is that any changes like this will – like with the change in screen dimensions with the iPhone 5 – send app developers back to the workshop to make their apps compatible with the new devices… but also that apps could conceivably be scaled up automatically, thanks to the iOS7 design changes. Because iOS7 switched from “skeuomorphic” design to flat colours, it would conceivably be easier to automatically make apps larger without images becoming quite as blurry.

This is all speculation though – we’ll let you know if we hear more.

James O’Malley
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