Google patent plans for double Google Glass


Just what are Google planning? Check out these diagrams that they’ve been sending to the US Patent Office. Are they planning to offer Double Google Glass?

We’re nicknaming it DOUBLE GLAZING. So when all of the tech companies are boasting about their Double Glazing technology, you read it here first.


According to Phandroid, the patent apparently describes augmented reality as the reason – with the speculation being that it could enable the display of 3D objects augmented on to real life. Certainly the position of the tiny screen on this above image suggests something more central than the existing singular Glass prototype.


Call us sceptical though because it doesn’t necessarily mean that Google are building such a product. A lot of the time companies will patent stuff just to protect a potential idea – and to prevent competitors from doing the same.

There is one other small issue though… would people really go around wearing something like this?

James O’Malley
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