Drastic Gmail redesign leaked


Back in the start of April, new features for Google’s mobile Gmail client came to light, and they are reportedly set to come to the web version too.


According to Geek.com, Google has been testing the new features with the web browser version of Gmail for the last few weeks, potentially adding to a drastic redesign.

The site was able to get hold of a few screenshots of the design, which show the web version compared to the new mobile features that first came to light last month.


Google, by looking at the screenshots, has replaced Gmail’s collapsible left-side interface with a drop-down menu that when it’s not in use, conveniently disappears.

As well as this, the star-system of bookmarking messages appears to have been replaced with pins, which you’re able to filter to the top of the inbox or in a chronological order, just by pressing a button.

The right side has also been updated. As well as a Hangouts interface, it sports a handy to-do list that can hold items such as message drafts and calendar-based reminders.

Though the designs exist, it is not guaranteed that the changes will roll out to all Gmail users. These images were likely leaked during the testing phase, to which Google will be looking to gather feedback.

Nicholas Fearn
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