Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Revealed (starring Kevin Spacey!)


Well this was unexpected. The first trailer for this year’s Call of Duty has been revealed, and things are getting futuristic. And it has Kevin Spacey riding the “menacing politician” bandwagon that House of Cards has wrought.


Check out the trailer:

So there’s hover bikes, advanced weaponry, exoskeletons, and Spacey talking about the challenges of military interventions whilst doing his best impression of Frank Underwood.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough details yet to determine whether Spacey is doing this project out of a passion for shooters (his character in House of Cards might) or whether he’s just looking for a cheque.


Judging by the pictures, it looks as though there will be missions set in Lagos, Nigeria and San Francisco – let us know in the comments if you spot anything else.

So that’s Spacey? Check. Weird tie-up with Vice magazine? Check. Just as I was getting bored of CoD, they go and make it interesting again. The game is apparently due for release on the 4th November.

James O’Malley
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