Apple will have the "best product pipeline" in "25 years" this year


Overnight Apple’s Eddy Cue has been speaking at the Code conference in the US, and has made an interesting claim: that Apple’s “product pipeline” is the best they’ve had in 25 years.

(Pic from Code Conference website.)

The exact quote is as follows, and was picked up by 9to5Mac:

“I have been working with Tim since 1997. We started the online store together. Cook is extremely thorough, he has tremendous vision. He cares tremendously about building great products. Looking at the executive team, the reason we are successful is because of our focus. We are not smart enough to do 100 great things. We want to do a few incredible things, and that hasn’t changed. We’re going to keep going down that path… Later this year, we’ve got the best product pipeline that I’ve seen in my 25 years at Apple”

By “product pipeline” he doesn’t mean Apple are diversifying into plumbing, but that the line-up of products will be what he thinks is the best. As Professor Wikipedia tells us, and business studies students should remember:

“A product pipeline is a series of products developed and sold by a company, ideally in different stages of their life cycle. Having at any point in a company’s life some products in the growth and mature stage of the life cycle is the goal.”

So to translate this into the various rumours we’ve been hearing about what Apple have got planned it suggests there will be some older “mature” products… like, say, the iPhone 6 as we’re all expecting, as well as some new stuff… could he be intimating that the much rumoured iWatch is definitely on the way?

James O’Malley
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