Will the Gtar teach you to shred in no time at all?

Musical Instruments

At Gadget Show Live I stumbled upon this awesome new way to learn the guitar. The Gtar is a fully blown guitar, but with a hook-up for an iPhone and a fretboard full of light indicators. It works a bit like Guitar Hero – you pick a track you want to learn and it’ll show you how… but on a real guitar.


It seems like quite a smart way to learn – as you’re learning on a real guitar, the muscle memory will be the same – enabling you to truly lean. Check out the video I shot on Tuesday to find out more:

Apparently to make it happen the company have already licensed huge catalogues of real songs from the likes of EMI and Sony, apparently including the Beatles back catalogue.

The Gtar will retail for around £349 when it is released here. Just try not to smash it up at the end of your set.

James O’Malley
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