How to copy and paste text from images in Chrome (warning: mindblowing!)


Prepare to have your mind blown. Ever wanted to copy some text from an image? A new extension for Google’s Chrome web browser enables you to do exactly that.


Project Naptha claims to use “state of the art computer vision algorithms” to read text in images – and once the extension has been installed, means you can simply click and highlight any text you see in images – just as you would if they were plain text on a webpage.

Which is brilliant for when you see your friends post those awful “inspirational quote” type images on Facebook, and want to do a line-by-line debunking of them in the comments below.

The extension is rather new and is being developed by a one-man-band, but is already rather impressive. One planned future feature is built in translation of text in images. And how cool would that be?

James O’Malley