Faulty iPhone 5 wake/sleep buttons to be replaced

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Following reports of problems with the wake/sleep button on the iPhone 5, Apple has announced plans to offer replacements. So if your phone is suffering from insomnia, this might be the solution.

iphone5buttons.pngAccording to TechRadar, for affected users Apple is now offering up a free and complementary support service.

The service, which is only available in the US for the time being, requires you to load up the Apple replacement website to select the stated problem and enter your iPhone’s serial number. Presumably, this service will also be coming to the UK at some point, if British users are discovered to be affected.

However, be warned – Apple has specified that any other problems that cause the iPhone to malfunction – like a smashed screen – have to be addressed before registering for the free replacement.

This isn’t the first time Apple has had to step in to replace faulty products. Previously, it recalled faulty iPad Nanos and perhaps most famously, responded to complaints over the iPhone 4’s receiver by dishing out free iPhone 4 antenna bumpers.

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  • If your out of warranty i did stumble upon a website that sells replacement buttons for like a couple of £ – $ – € http://www.accessophone.co.uk only sharing because like me I'm guessing a lot of you have run out of warranty :/

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