Apple quietly boost the spec and the lower the price of Macbook Air


If you’re planning to buy a Macbook Air, now might be a good time. With an uncharacteristic lack of fanfare, Apple have quietly updated the online store and dropped the price of the diminutive notebooks.


The new Airs have all received a processor boost and now sport a 1.4ghz processor that can be “turboboosted” to 2.7ghz – a small increase on the 1.3ghz (with 2.6ghz turbo) on the older models. Similarly, the price has also dropped – with the lowest spec Air now costing only £749 for the 11″ version, or £849 for the 13″. Not bad.

The lack of a glitzy announcement is perhaps unusual – Apple’s style is usually to hold a massive press conference and send the likes of us into hyperdrive as we wildly speculate on what world changing gizmo they’re about the announce. But perhaps that’s why they haven’t done it – because the reaction would simply be a shrug of the shoulders and asking “Is that it?”.

Still, we can’t complain as that’s still more speed and a slightly smaller price.

James O’Malley
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